Healing in Dobrinishte

The town of Dobrinishte is a climate treatment and balneology resort, located 6 km southeast of Bansko. It is situated in a mountain region, surrounded by three mountains – Rila, Pirin and Rhodope.

There are 17 mineral springs there (with temperature between 30 and 43°С), suitable for treatment of diseases of the locomotory system, neurological, gynecological, skin and other diseases. It offers a large mineral bath, an open-air mineral pool, etc. A good relaxation establishment is constructed, including tourist center and multiple private hotels.

Along the valley of Dobrinishka river lays the mineral water pool, also known as Rimsko Banche.

Interesting landmarks are also the waterfall St. Nikolas and the first of its kind in Bulgaria edelweiss garden and the operating monastery St. Nikolas.