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Horizont House is located in the town center of Dobrinishte, about 100 meters from the church of St. Paul the Apostle Peter and Paul on the road to the Pirin mountain.

Around the house there are many taverns and small shops.

Mineral Spa Dobrinishte

Mineral Water Pool and Spa

About 700 meters from Horizont House is a mineral water pool and spa center. Open all year round. More information about services, hours of operation, and admission prices can be found here. Click on the link


Dobrinishte is the starting point of the rout to mountain hut Gotse Delchev, about 10 km away by car.  And also for the mountain routes to Bezbog and Bezbozhko Lake hut and Bezbozhsko lake, Polejan, Strazhite, Gazeys, Popovo Lake and the surrounding area of ​​Dzhengal, Jano, Sivria and Kremenki lakes. In the summer, Bezbog hut is accessible by lift, car or on foot.


In winter, the slopes above Dobrinishte offer great opportunities for skiing and winter sports. Map prices for the winter season 2017/2018 start at 20 BGN for a half-day card for an adult and 10 BGN for a child, up to 70 BGN for a three-day card for an adult and BGN 40 for a child. The opening hours of the lift are from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm (according to the operator of the facility).

Town of Dobrinishte

Dobrinishte is located 160 km from Sofia. The trip takes about one hour and  40 min, on Lyulin and Struma highway to Blagoevgrad, and then to Simitli direction Bansko and Gotse Delchev.
It is 125 km from Zlatarevo-Pehchevo border checkpoint and Gyueshevo border checkpoint.
And only 80 km from LOGODAGE Border.
100 km from Kulata-Promahonn border checkpoint and 50 km from Ilinden-Exohi border checkpoint;
Click here for Google Map for Dobrinishte

Hotel Horizont

Address: Str. 9 September, 3, 2777 Dobrinishte, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 88 790 3235



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  1. Martina Barnett Avatar
    Martina Barnett

    I love this hotel!
    There is so much to love at this hotel! First, it’s beautifully updated and looks great. Second, the rooms are very clean and comfortable! The staff has been so professional and helpful. The breakfast is great, includes pancakes, waffles etc. The best part – it is free. I would stay here anytime I came to Dobrinishte!